Retaining and recruiting valuable employees is important for a growing business or company.



This requires having an effective employee group benefits package.

Baluja & Associates works with the leading health insurance and employee benefits providers in Florida, to make sure that you have options. Let us help you find the coverage you need for your employees and customize a package that fits your company’s unique situation and needs.

We have arranged employee benefits package for successful companies throughout Florida, with programs that include the following benefits:

  • Group Health Insurance

  • Group Dental Insurance

  • Group Vision Plans

  • Life and Disability Insurance Plans

  • Flexible Benefit Plans

If you are looking for better insurance options for your company or business, call the employee benefits professionals at Baluja & Associates.

We will examine your coverage, review your options and help you customize a plan that will help you make your business more competitive now and in the future. Contact us today for a free consultation.